Recap of 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll “Hunt” Back to School

Interested in the full solution to the clue? Keep scrolling down to check it out.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the hunt and congrats to all of our SILVER TICKET winners…

The Clark Family, the McDevitt Family, the Schill Family, the Kennedy Family, the Sherlock Family, Karen and Julianna DeCesare, Janette Oliver, Brooke Kaffenberg, and Bethany Nelson

Following are photos of some of our winners. Click on a thumbnail to view it larger.

One of our silver ticket winners was selected at random to receive the GOLDEN TICKET for free entry into the race for their family and friends. Congrats to our GOLDEN TICKET winner, the Sherlock Family.

Full solution to the clue

It can come before “stops”, be found within “hospitals”, and follow “a fire”;
“Might as well” do this, “go ahead and” do this, getting up and out is desired;
It comes after a capital not old, a Canadian rock band, and Malcolm’s place;
Follow numbers and keep within lines to stay in shapes showing one face.

First line – Pit: The word “pit” can come before stops (pitstops), be found within hospitals (hos-pit-als), and follow a fire (a fire pit).
Second line – Long jump: The lyrics to Van Halen’s “Jump” include “Might as well jump, go ahead and jump;” getting up and out makes it a long one.
Third line – Cinnaminson High School: CHS comes after New Albany (the capital of New York is Albany; not old makes it “New Albany”), Rush (Canadian rock band), and Middle (“Malcolm in the Middle” TV show).
Fourth line – Track: The lanes of a track are numbered and separated by lines, keeping you in rectangles for the straightaways, ovals for the full laps, and between triangles for the relay handoffs. You only see the surface (top face) of the track, and it also helps you to “stay in shape.”

Together, this leads you to the long jump pit at the Cinnaminson High School track.

The Wall
Thanks again for participating!



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